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Are Personal Trainers And Gym Memberships A Thing Of The Past?

Over the past two years, we’ve all spent a lot more time at home. The pandemic may have left the world reeling, but the one good thing to come out of all of it is remarkable innovation through technology. But you’re here on our GOFA blog, and you’re probably wondering what technology could possibly have to do with the wellness industry.

Well, when the pandemic hit, most gym and studio owners were forced to find other methods of hosting classes for their patrons to ensure everyone’s safety. This initiated a wave of strategic moves from gyms around the world. Everything from Zoom classes to live streams took over in the rush to get trainers reconnected with their clients. Through all of this, one thing became clear: the fitness industry’s future rests on artificial intelligence, or AI, as it’s more commonly known.

Long before any of us had ever even thought of wearing face masks whenever we leave the house, fitness clubs, just like any other industry, relied on technology to run their businesses. But these were more geared towards internal communications and training than they were towards client-facing endeavors. Now, even as many of us are proudly flaunting our vaccination records and most of our pandemic mandates have been lifted, we’re seeing a bigger move away from traditional gyms in favor of a hybrid of fitness classes and home workouts. The undeniable rise of at-home fitness technologies has opened up a new door: personalized workouts.

Now buckle up. This is where it gets exciting. Enter AI Fitness, the slick, smooth-talking, motivating workout buddy you never knew you needed. AI Fitness is not only there to help you work out, it’s also there to give you the edge. You’ll work out better than you’ve ever worked out before. Trust us.

But how does it help you? Allow us to explain.


When you’re in an in-person fitness class, your instructor can read your body language. If they can see that you’re struggling a bit, they can give you a few words of encouragement. If you’re in the zone, they can hype you up even more. But the problem is that they only have one set of eyes, so the kind of analysis that they’d usually do is done on a one-to-one basis.

By using an AI system, your workouts get the kind of edge they’ve never had before. Not only does AI have the capability of tracking your data, it can also alert you when you need to adjust your form to optimize your workout. This is exactly what GOFA does. It’s a game-changer for sure. Your workouts will never be the same, and nor should they be. With the addition of AI, you become the focus of your training. It’s not for everybody. It’s just for you.

Safe & Effective

With AI in your corner, you’re eliminating the previous limitations placed on home workouts. How many times haven’t you avoided trying something new in your home workout because you’re worried that you won’t do it properly? Or how often have you been too afraid to try something because of the risk of injury that comes with it? AI Fitness eases those worries. It’s tracking you, it’s showing you what’s working, and it’s showing you where you need to adjust and how. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

The Future of Fitness 

Fitness apps and devices are nothing new. The wellness industry is one that has a solid track record of spotting technological developments and then running with them. There are so many devices out there that have been designed to track your steps, the calories you burn, and the intensity of your workouts. But integrating AI into them has the potential to truly change lifestyles. As smartphones have become commonplace across generations and demographics, there’s been an incredible shift towards fitness apps that measures results and can forecast what one’s next steps should be, so to speak.

So what really happens when you include AI tech in your workouts? You elevate your efforts, you work harder, and you smash your goals. Sound good? Download GOFA and start your free trial now. Invite the personal trainer you’ve always wanted into your home wellness routine.

GOFA can help enhance your home workouts with our wide range of on-demand fitness classes and running sessions. Download Now!

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