Goal Oriented Fitness App

How GOFA Fitness Works

Imagine having a personal trainer on-call. Now imagine being able to work out wherever and whenever you want, without needing any bulky or expensive equipment. GOFA Fitness does just that. Think the smartest home workouts around, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Here’s everything you need to know:


How Does AI Personalize My Workouts?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence. So instead of our brains completing simple tasks, we built programs and computer systems that can do them for us. AI combines large amounts of data with machine processing and algorithms. These processes help the software learn from different patterns and features within the data. This makes our lives so much easier, and it’s this that sets GOFA Fitness apart from other fitness apps.

GOFA Fitness uses AI technology to understand your body and movements and get you closer to your wellness goals with every session. It takes all the guesswork out of exercising and guides you through fun, effective workouts.


What Does GOFA Fitness Offer? 

GOFA Fitness is perfect for all levels of fitness, and works especially well for beginners. We’ll ask you a few simple questions to learn more about your goals and what you enjoy. Then, we’ll look at all of your data and compile personalized fitness plans especially for you.

The beauty of GOFA Fitness lies in its ability to give you real-time feedback that allows for safer, more effective workout experiences. The AI technology not only ensures correct form and injury prevention, it also provides valuable insights into different kinds of workouts. This will give you a better idea of which ones are best for you and provide suggestions as to what to try next. You’ll also be able to establish when the best times to rest, to up the intensity of your workouts, or to slow down are.

The AI that GOFA Fitness runs on also gives you the unique opportunity to learn from certain patterns. The more you work out, the more insight you’ll have. The app will monitor your performance, make projections and then suggest what should come next and at what level of intensity. It’s a great way to stay motivated and accountable along your wellness journey.


Expect More From Your Workouts

GOFA Fitness functions across three main AI touchpoints:

Raising the bar: When you’re working out, it can be tough to tell if you’re doing it right. Our onscreen activity bar was designed to track your movements during cardio and HIIT sessions. You need to “raise the bar” to stay in the active zone.

Counting your reps: During your strength workouts, GOFA Fitness will only count your reps with proper form, making it easy to monitor your progress in real-time, and make sure all of your hard work is paying off.

AI coaching: Our audio-based running guides analyze your stats and give you live feedback on your pace, heart rate, and distance as you run, so you’ll know when to slow down or speed up.

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