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More Than Just A Pretty Face: How Exercise Can Enrich Your Life

So many of us are guilty of focusing only on how our appearances will change once we get into a fitness routine. It’s why research has shown that roughly half of those who begin an exercise program throw in their (sweaty) towels within just six months of starting. They become despondent when their weight doesn’t drop down quickly enough or when their six-packs appear to be taking longer to form. 

What they neglect to note are the non-physical benefits that come with regular workouts. These stretch far beyond just toned abs and a smaller number on the scale. Whether you’re working out regularly with the offerings on the GOFA app, or you’re mixing things up a bit and going to a few classes with your friends, you’re inviting yourself to soak up all of the fantastic non-physical benefits that being active and moving your body can bring.

Feel better about yourself

Most of us assume that we’ll feel better about ourselves when we work out because our bodies will look fitter, stronger, and healthier. While this is partly true, exercise has also been proven to improve self-confidence regardless of what we see in the mirror. Research has shown that working out instantly makes us feel better about ourselves, regardless of how far we run, how hard we push ourselves, or how much muscle tone we start to see. 

Big brain energy

You know what they say – the bigger the bicep, the bigger the… brain? Well, according to science, yes! The benefits that exercise has to the brain have been well-documented. Plenty of studies have shown that cardio activities especially can help create new brain cells and improve the brain’s overall performance by increasing the protein in the brain that is responsible for our abilities to learn and make decisions. 

Get a little creative

Lots of creatives, writers, in particular, are known for being avid exercisers. This is because creativity can often be found in motion. Henry Thoreau, the author, and philosopher, famously claimed that his thoughts began to flow the moment that his legs began to move. These days, exercise is often used as a cure for writer’s block, as many believe that movement helps to boost one’s creative thinking. 

Turn back time

While drinking from the Fountain of Youth has not proven to be an effective tool for combating aging, exercising is an excellent alternative. Regular workouts help improve one’s strength, posture, metabolism, endurance, and overall health, all of which make you look and feel younger. In fact, recent studies have suggested that working up a sweat can be far more powerful than any face cream out there, as exercise can reverse the aging process of the skin. 

Get things done

While it may seem counterproductive, channeling your energy into exercise can actually go a long way in helping you to improve your energy levels and making sure you get through everything you need to in a day. This is even true for those who might be suffering from burnout or fatigue. However, it is important that you don’t push yourself too hard in your workouts. Instead, aim to do short, lower-intensity activities, as these have been proven to have the most positive effects on energy levels. 
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