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Steps and the City: staying active in the concrete jungle

It’s not always easy to live your best lifestyle, especially when you live in a big city. Making sure you meet your daily step count, and activity goals can be tricky, but there are a few simple tricks you can use to get and stay fit in an urban setting. 

Choose active transportation

Wherever possible, walk, run or cycle to your office or to run an errand. Also known as “active transportation,” choosing to use your body to move you from place to place instead of a taxi is a great way to get some physical activity in. An added bonus is that research suggests that active transportation to the office can contribute to improved mental performance throughout the day. 

Find a grocery store close to home

Cities are full of convenient places to eat, and while they may make life easier for you in the short term, eating from them daily might not be in your best interests. To help combat this, find a grocery store that is close to where you live. Stock up on fresh, healthy foods to keep in your kitchen so that when mealtimes come around, you’ve got nutritious, convenient options at home too. 

Get enough rest

Making sure that you get enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. There have been plenty of studies on this, but the most recent one from Stanford pointed out that the more varsity-level athletes slept, the better they performed. When we sleep, hormones like testosterone and HGH are released. These help make us bigger, stronger, and faster. Other studies have shown that sleep replenishes our willpower and contributes to making us feel mentally more alert, both of which can go a long way in helping us make the most out of our workouts. 

It can be difficult to get enough sleep when you live in a city. There is constant noise, bright lights, and plenty of temptation to stay up late and wake up early. Try cutting down on caffeine and screen time at least two hours before bed and using earplugs if necessary to ensure you get plenty of good quality sleep. 

Find friends to stay fit with

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated when it comes to workouts is to make them social. Surround yourself with friends who value fitness and are willing to hit the hiking trails or the gym with you. Another great option is to have them connect with you on Gofa’s platform, where you can share workout results and hold each other accountable for completing your daily physical activity. Having a training group or partner will keep you motivated and dedicated to sticking to your routine. 

Escape to nature

As much as you may love the city, it’s good to get away from it every now and then. When time allows for it, get out of the city and into nature. There is tons of research proving that there are massive benefits to working out in nature, including better anxiety management and reduced inflammation. Go for a swim in the sea or a walk in the forest – your body and your mind will thank you.

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