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Your Self-Care Guide For Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s May, and this month is dedicated to honoring our mental well-being. As we move into Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought it would be a great idea to share our favorite tried and tested self-care practices that will help you protect your mental health, which is just as important as your physical health. 

Your mental health includes your psychological, social, and emotional well-being. These factors all contribute to how we act, feel, make choices and interact with those around us. A common misconception is that mental wellness simply means that you’re not battling any mental illness. But your mental health is actually essential to your overall quality of life, and self-care can act as an important tool for maintaining your mental health, as well as supporting your treatment and recovery process if you are suffering from a mental illness. 

We take mental health very seriously here at GOFA Fitness. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite self-care practices to help you maintain your mental wellness, no matter how much time you do (or don’t) have. 

If You Have 30 Minutes…

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and get your endorphin fix. Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five times a week, so if you’ve got half an hour to spare, why not try one of our GOFA Fitness workouts? The app has a wide range of workout options spanning several categories, including HIIT, yoga, Pilates, strength training, running, and stretching. You can work out from anywhere and at any time, and each session will be powered by AI designed specifically to help you maximize your efforts.

If You Have 20 Minutes…

Chatting to a friend or family member can instantly lift your mood
Speaking to a loved one can give you a mental health boost

Sometimes, all you need is a good chat with an old friend or family member to lift your spirits. Not only will they likely be able to provide you with some much-needed comfort, they will also give you a new perspective on any issues you may be dealing with. If you have just 20 extra minutes in your day, use the time to phone, or video call someone you love and can talk about anything with. By surrounding yourself with positive people and role models, you’re likely to find plenty more happy moments in your life. 

If You Have 15 Minutes…

Not everyone has the time or resources for a spa day, but a face mask or foot scrub at home comes close enough to the real thing. Get your favorite face mask spread evenly over your skin, chop up some cucumber slices, rest them on your eyes, and sit back and relax. Let your skin absorb all of the nutrients while you unwind and forget about your worries for a quick 15.

If You Have 10 Minutes…

Nuts make for a great nutritious snack when you need a boost
A quick, healthy snack will go a long way in helping you feel better

Eating a small, nutritious snack like a slice of toast with peanut butter or a handful of nuts can give you a glorious energy boost. By keeping your stomach satisfied, you help your brain function more efficiently, which will go a long way in keeping your mood elevated. By taking the time to be mindful of each bite you take, your snack time could also double as a meditative practice. 

If You Have Five Minutes…

This one’s got two parts. First, turn on your favorite song. Let your mind drift into the waves of sound – familiar songs bring us a sense of comfort and can help elevate your mood if you’re feeling a little down. 

Next, try this little hand trick: press down on the space between your knuckles and your pointer and middle fingers. This will help quickly dissolve any nervous or uneasy feelings that you have in your stomach that often appear when we’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 

This Mental Health Awareness Month (and every other month too, for that matter), make sure that you prioritize your mental wellness just as much as you do your physical health. You’ll feel so much better for it, we promise! 

GOFA offers a holistic approach to self-love, with a wide range of exercise categories available, as well as guided yoga and meditation practices. Put yourself first by trying one of our home workouts or guided meditation sessions. Download Now!

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